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Paul Stickland Secret Garden Fine Art Prints from StrangeStore

Some of my darker garden art work. I love the haunted feelings of still dark, shadowy secret gardens at dusk. Still strange and mysterious shapes in the gloaming. That peculiar crepuscular light in the shadows cast by dark topiary and trees. The image of the secret garden, guarded by high walls and hidden doors, has always strong for me. Brings together my horticultural, artistic and storytelling loves. The idea that a garden offers a safe place to explore the world, your fears and dreams.

The Box Room was based on the memory of visiting a wonderful edwardian house by the architect Charles Voysey, in Shackleford Surrey, called Norney. A fabulous house in the Arts and Craft style. But it was the amazing attic which still haunts me… How would you like to stumble across this abandoned box room, on the very top floor of some neglected and dusty gothic mansion. Strange boxes of odd heirlooms, unusually shaped packages and strange, bound stuffed creatures. What lies within the obelisk shaped box. What do the labels reveal? This could be part of Fuschia’s attic. Boxes full of unknown treasures, sent home from far distant continents, never opened, waiting for discovery.
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These prints are taken from my original watercolour paintings and available on many different papers and with framing options on my store StrangeStore.
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