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Love this idea! Prints on Wood print your artwork on the finest quality Birch Ply, it looks amazing.
I've only put up a few pieces of StrangeStore art work so far but will definitely be putting up more soon. Depending on the choice of finish, you can achieve various delicious effects, there's a great retro look with the natural wood finish, like a texture layer in photoshop.

More details about printing on wood below...

prints on wood, strangestore

There are three different finishing options and three thickness options:

Natural Gloss Finish

This finish lets the natural woodgrain shine through, creating an added layer of depth, unique to this form of conventional printing. The glossy surface of this finish also helps to reflect light, making the image appear to be more bright and vibrant than if printed on paper. Images printed with this finish have a more Sepia tone.

Vintage Matt Finish

Vintage Matte finish gives you the charm of a vintage photograph or illustration, with a rustic appearance seeming to have aged gracefully over the years. It works best with images that have an antiquated appearance.

Bright White Finish

Bright White finish will not show any of the natural grain through the image, and the natural hew and grain of the wood print is replaced by a white canvas, giving the most true-to-color wood print option.

prints on wood, strangestore
This amazing artwork is by the great Jeff Soto

Visit Prints on Wood for more details on finishing and thickness options.

Hanging Options

prints on wood, strangestore,

Learn more about printing on wood here.

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