Vintage Tweed, Leather and Gold Gifts!

Classic English Country House Tweed, Stitched Leather and Gold Gifts.

With the huge popularity of the Downton Abbey TV series, the traditional English rural country style fashion is once again in everyone's mind. It's such a classic look, it hasn't changed in decades, even centuries.
So I though I'd create a custom classic vintage fabric style range for my PatternStore on Zazzle.
I even used my own favourite traditional Harris Tweed jacket as the basis for this design.  "Why are you scanning in your jacket", asks small daughter...
I created an antique leather band with a stitched detail to go with the gold or brass monogram buttons.

Elegant and distinguished, refined and exquisitely detailed. Try any of the easy to customise products on PatternStore to see how easy it is to create a unique country house style gift.

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I can see this style going down well with anyone who is interested in fieldsports, hunting, shooting or fishing. There is something about these classic fashion ingredients that seems totally timeless. If you are a lover of the countryside and country life, then these fashion accessories will go so well with your brogues, tweeds, Barbours and Land or Range Rovers!

See the Vintage Tweed, Leather and Gold Monogram Gifts here! 

harris tweed, herringbone tweed gifts, leather, gold, patternstore

Created by Paul Stickland  ©Paul Stickland 2014

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